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Pay Clean Hardware

Small POS System - Coming Soon

The Small POS System is for customers who only need to a simple system to process orders. This comes with a 10.2″ iPad, table top stand and wireless Epson ticket printer. The system is fully integrated and is set up to be plug and play. 

Full POS System - $1,200

The Full POS System is just that, this is for customers that demand a more complete system. Including cash drawer, ticket printer, card swiping terminal and a 14″ touch screen industrial computer.

Hand Held POS System - Coming Soon

The Hand Held POS system is a very powerful solution for business big and small. Run our entire Pay Clean Merchant system on this single hand held devise. Integrated printer and credit card swipe/dip fuctions, giving merchants the ablity to process any type of payment method. 

Additional Equipment

Premium Maple 4 Sided Sticker Holder - $24.99/each

These Premium maple sticker holders will provide a classy and timeless look to the table. Easy to clean up and wipe down. Provides a barcode to scan for all 4 sides of the table. (Stickers not included)

Medical Grade Stainless Sticker Holder - $12.99/each

Brushed stainless steel is always a good look, provide your customers a modern and hygienic sticker holder. Easily clean off any germs or viruses to ensure a safe dining experience. Quickly access bar code at the table the 2 sided sticker feature. (Stickers not included)

Media Pack - $175 Value

Media Packs are free for PC Merchants and will recieve them upon sign up and on boarding.

Media Pack Contents (Only availble for PC merchants)

  • Pay Clean Front Door Sticker (2)
  • 2 sets of table stickers (2 stickes per table)
  • Pay Clean Table Tents (1 per table)

Acrylic 3.5" Table Card Holders - $2.10

12 Per Pack ($25.20 total)

Standard plastic 3.5″ card/sticker holder. Cost effeictive solution for presenting bar codes. (Sticker not included)