Pay Clean Delivery

Let your customers order from anywhere, anytime with PC Delivery.

How It Works

Accepting Deliveries

Pay Clean Delivery is built for your delivery staff. Restaurant managers will assign deliveries ready for pick up to drivers. Drivers will be notifed on the PC Delivery application, that an order is ready for pick up.

Assigned orders will populate on the home page allowing drivers to accept the delivery from anywhere. Restaurant managers will be able track the accptace and the time of the delivery.

Once orders are submitted restaurant manager acceptes the order and a notifaction is sent to the customer letting them know the restaurant recieved the order.

The Delivery Process

The drivers have the ability to select Picked Up, this will send a notifcation to the restaurant manager and the customer telling everyone the order is on its way. During the delivey process customers will be automatically updated on the drivers location.


Real Time Direction

As soon as Picked Up is selected a map with directions to the delivery is automatically populated. Both customer, manager, and driver will be able to see order details and current location.

Merchant Admin Tool Integration

PC Delivery is an extension of the Merchant Admin tool, this can be turned on and off when ever it is needed  in the settings page. See below for the Merchant admin tool delivery features.

  • Delivery reports 
  • Accept orders for delivery and pick 
  • Manage and track delivery drivers 
  • Reduce contact between customer and driver

Order Managment

Orders are managed the same as indoor dining process. Customers submit orders via the mobile application. Restaurant admin will then be able to accept orders, print tickets and prepare the order according to customers needs. Once order is completed restaurant admin then will assign the delivery to a driver or select ready for pick up which will send a notifcation to the customer.


Online orders for pickup/delivery are all pre-paid to eliminate issues with collecting money. Money is transferred directly to business ProPay account, just like an dine in transaction. 

Payment Processor

Payment Processing is done by ProPay by Heartland Payment System. With years of experience you can rest assured that your personal financial information will be safe and secure through the whole process. Merchants will have a Heartland Payment Systems account which money will be deposited into.


About Pay Clean

Pay Clean was formed in the wake of Covid-19. It has evolved into much more than a simple solution to a problem, by creating this system we have solved a problem in the industry that has never been looked at before. We are a group of self-made entrepreneurs that strive to continuously innovate and solve problems for the right reasons. Our ultimate goal is to solve problems in this world that need to be addressed. We are a family owned and operated company right here in the USA. When you call for service, support, or just have a question you can rest assured that we will be the ones answering the calls and helping you have best experience possible.

Above all, we take pride in being able to say, “Made in USA.”

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