Getting Started

Step 1 – Merchant Onboarding Form

Filling out the merchant on-boarding form is simple and quick. Simply fill out the form with your basic business information and select the type of package you want. Once you hit the submit button Pay Clean will create your account and be in contact with you as soon as possible. Click Here To Fill Out

Step 2 – Create Your Account

Within 24 hours a Pay Clean Representative will be contacting you to start the account creation. An automated email will be sent to you to create a password and finalize the account. A Pay Clean representative will be contacting you with a merchant processing agreement. 

Step 3 – Set Up Your Profile

Once your account has been created you will want to start by finishing your profile configuration.

  • Select your service you would like to provide. (Table Ordering, Pickup, Delivery)

  • Add delivery fees if you offer that

  • Add estimated times if you offer delivery and pickup

See Training Videos on our Training Resources Page

Step 4 – Payment Onboarding

Once your Profile has been configured you can now start the payment onboarding process. Payment onboarding is a secure portal that is hosted by ProPay to allow you to create a ProPay account. Your ProPay account is where all of our money will be deposited daily or weekly. You will need personal information along with your business information. Watch the Payment Onboarding video Here

Step 5 – Adding Tables & Menu Items

Adding tables and menu items couldn’t be easier. Simply create table names with our integrated QR code generator. Then add menu items with your pricing.  See Table and Menu video Here.

Step 6 – Printing Stickers

Stickers for tables or other locations are exported in PDF files. These can be printed and taped on tables, or send the PDF to Pay Clean or your local graphics company to get vinyl stickers made.

Step 7 – Media Package

Pay Clean will provide you with table tents that explain how to use the Pay Clean app. You will also be provided with sticker package that you can place on your front door to let people know you are apart of the Pay Clean restaurant community.  

Step 8 – Add Staff & Configure Tables

Once the media kits, accounts, stickers, and payment methods are confirmed you are ready to add staff to the Pay Clean Admin Tool. See videos click Here. 

Step 9 – Process Test Transaction

When the entire system is set up and ready to operate we recommend setting a menu item for a small value and try to process a menu item using the app. Watch the trasaction report on both Pay Clean Order History and ProPay Transaction Report. If you see that small transaction make sure you can transfer that amount to your business account. Click Here to see vidoes on Transaction Report.

Step 10 – Go Live!

When everything is set up and the test transaction is validated you are ready to go live and start using Pay Clean to its full extent.