Make Your Business

Safer & More Efficient

  • Reduce Contact Between Staff & Customers
  • gIncrease Profits or Earn Rewards
  • Save Time
  • gStreamline Ordering Experience

The Pay Clean Mission

The mission of Pay Clean is to help businesses continue operating in a safe manor. By reducing contact and creating this system it has become so much more than a payment processor. Everyone is more conscience these days of germs and how they spread. With the Pay Clean system there is no longer a need to touch physical menus, bill holder, pens, or other commonly passed items. Cash and credit cards can be down right dirty, and with no way to clean them or verify that the customer cleaned them, there has to be a better way. With a little innovation and some outside the box thinking we have a system that will do much more than simply reduce contact, see some of the key features below.

Quick & Simple On Boarding

Contactless Order Processing

Earn Customer Rewards

Turn Tables Faster

Reduce Contact


Manage Orders

Pay Clean Experience

Merchant Experience

Safety & Security

Eliminate contact between commonly touched items like bill holder, pens, menus, and card processing systems. Reduce contact between customers and wait staff by limiting the need for interaction. Save time and money by eliminating the need for sanitation of high traffic items, once necessary in the restaurant industry. No longer needed with the Pay Clean System.

Securely process transactions with out the need for wait staff to bring processors to the table or take customers card away from them. Using ProPay by Heartland you and your customers can rest assured that the transaction will be secure.

More Profitable

By reducing the wait staff required to take orders your wait staff will now consist of people delivering orders to customers and cleaning tables. As a business owner not having to rely on wait staff to get orders to the kitchen will vastly improve your businesses efficiency and by doing so allow you to remove expensive wait staff and costly mistakes that can happen. Improving your customers experience, overall satisfaction and increase your profit margins.


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Order Management
Make taking orders a breeze, and seamlessly manage them with our Merchant Admin Tool. Update order status, cancel orders, make order changes, and much more.
Digital Waiter
Automate your wait staff by giving the customer the ability to order whenever they want. By doing this it will reduce contact and errors that occur during the ordering process.

Customer Experience


Customers have the option to check out as guests or create an account. This makes it easy for anyone to use the system and eliminates the need for people to have an account.

By having an account you will have many benefits and features. Customers with an account can earn rewards and get lower processing rates. Save favorite menu items, save favorite restaurants and much more.

Earn rewards
By having an account you can gain access to earn rewards points that can be redeemed as cash for any restaurant transaction. As long as you review the meal or service you just paid for you can earn 0.50% cash back on any purchase over $20.01. For transactions less than $20.00 you can earn $0.05 cash back.
Contactless Menu
Just open the app, scan the code on the table and start saving time and ordering at your convenience. Browse your favorite restaurants menus, select what you want and send it directly to the kitchen. While safely reducing contact between you and the restaurants items like menus, bill holders, pens and card processors.
Find Local Restaurants
If a restaurant is a Pay Clean affiliate they will be displayed on the Pay Clean app. Customers can search by restaurant name or cuisine to find exactly what they are looking for. Before you even get to a restaurant you an look at their menu and see pictures of meals and previous customer reviews to help you make the best decision when looking for food.

Choose The Right Plan For You

PC View Only

Don’t want to use our full payment processing service, but need QR code based menus. PC View has he solution for you. Easily upload pictures, changed text, update pricing, and create unlimited QR codes. PC View package is great entry level service that allows your restaurant to join the ever expanding Pay Clean network. Post daily / weekly specials to all Pay Clean app subscribers in a 10 mile radius.

PC Standard

PC Standard is a complete POS System that reduces contact and cuts the amount of labor required. Includes all of the features from PC View that include unlimited QR codes and menu changes. The PC Standard package allows customers to order food from the digital menu eliminating the need for wait staff to hand write orders then input to POS system. Post specials and view order history and collect valuable data on your food.

PC Full

PC Full is the same full service POS system that includes the online ordering pickup and delivery. Same features as the previous two but with enhanced marketing tools and reporting. Running targeted specials to valued customers, customer rewards programs, and much more. Manage delivery drivers, see reports and see real time delivery information. 

How It Works

Add Tables With Ease

Create table stickers with ease, add custom table names and locations. Manage you tables stickers in the Merchant Admin Tool. Add locations for selling around your business, put a bar code in your waiting area to start selling drinks before your customers sit down.

Place bar codes on posts or other stationary items for drink order stations to enhance your social distancing procedures, and more the only limits are your imagination.

Add Your Business Info

Let your customers easily know when your open what type of food you make, and where you are located. Upload your restaurants logo for to be displayed on the app.


Your Customers

Every order has the ability to be rated. Imagine every item on your menu from drinks to main courses having a rating. This will help drive sales to your favorite items, and let you know if you have items that are not as popular or need some work.

Merchant Admin Tool

The PC Merchant Admin tool is a very power full system that is in its early sages of development. Digitally taking orders will allow you to collect data on each order that will provide valuable information that can be used to help you increase sales to your business. This will allow the ability to use targeted marketing to help drive customers to your business. Most of all its easy to use and quick to learn. 


  • Up load your menu
  • Edit menu items
  • Make bar codes for your table or seats at any time
  • Print stickers anytime or get them professionally done by us
  • See current orders real time
  • Turn tables faster
  • Increase volume of sales
  • Reduce wait staff required
  • Safer dining experience
  • Reduce contact
  • Eliminate dine and dash problems
  • Collect real time stats on your business

Order Managment

Restaurant/business owners can check in on the restaurants current orders and see real time stats from any devise that has internet access from any where in the world. You could be at home or 1,000 miles away and see how many people are at your business and what they have ordered. 

Order history and current orders can be viewed and processed real time. By updating the order status the customer will see in real time when the kitchen received the order and when it is processed. 

Payment Processor

Payment Processing is done by ProPay by Heartland Payment System. With years of experience you can rest assured that your personal financial information will be safe and secure through the whole process. Merchants will have a Heartland Payment Systems account which money will be deposited into.


About Pay Clean

Pay Clean was formed in the wake of Covid-19. It has evolved into much more than a simple solution to a problem, by creating this system we have solved a problem in the industry that has never been looked at before. We are a group of self-made entrepreneurs that strive to continuously innovate and solve problems for the right reasons. Our ultimate goal is to solve problems in this world that need to be addressed. We are a family owned and operated company right here in the USA. When you call for service, support, or just have a question you can rest assured that we will be the ones answering the calls and helping you have best experience possible.

Above all, we take pride in being able to say, “Made in USA.”

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